Our Leadership Circle

The Institute for Holocaust Research and Education is humbled by the support of caring and generous champions underwriting our efforts. These individuals comprise our Leadership Circle, offering valuable insight and resources that facilitate our vision and mission.

Susan and Mitchel Chargo

Turning a dream into reality; educating others about the Holocaust and fighting its denial, its distortion, and antisemitism.

The Minneapolis Foundation

The Minneapolis Foundation drives collective action to realize strong, vibrant communities. IHRE’s mission aligns with our commitment to foster inclusion, understanding, and connection between individuals and communities in Minnesota and beyond.

The Heilicher Family Foundation

The Heilicher Family Foundation is committed to Jewish education. IHRE’s mission is important and supports our commitment to our community.

Deb and Byron Wieberdink

IHRE’s passion to stop Holocaust denial and fight antisemitism is much needed now. Education is needed so we do not forget the lives lost in Holocaust nor the lessons learned from their sacrifice. We must preserve their legacies.

Julie and David Burton

We are supporting IHRE in the hope that it will reach younger generations to stem the rising tide of antisemitism and hatred in the United States and around the world.

Wendy and Colin Smith

Supporting the Institute for Holocaust Research and Education’s focus on millennials and Gen Z is crucial in ensuring that the lessons of the Holocaust are not forgotten, and that future generations understand the importance of combating hatred and discrimination. By engaging with young adults, IHRE is helping to shape a more empathetic and inclusive society that values diversity and human rights. IHRE’s innovative educational programs and resources provide people with the tools and knowledge needed to create a more just and compassionate world.

Connie and Jim Brennan

We are proud to support The Institute for Holocaust Research and Education. We must never forget what really happened and ensure that it never happens again. Between 1933 and 1945, six million Jews were killed. Let us educate ourselves, listen, and learn so that history does not repeat itself.

Deb Oberman and Mark Gittleman

The IHRE’s work is so important in our current climate of increasing division, intolerance, and scapegoating. The IHRE helps tell the tragic history of the holocaust to a broader community to help build bridges of understanding, empathy, and respect as we face current and future societal hardships.

Marissa and Harrison Grodnick

Having grandparents who survived Auschwitz and the Holocaust permanently imprinted my family to the sad truth that pure evil exists.  As our grandparents aged, one of their few wishes was to simply never forget.  Today, whenever anyone is witness to Jews being murdered and tortured simply for being Jewish…and they do nothing or find convenient excuses to marginalize the atrocities…they are either evil or forgot the lessons of history, or both. Sadly, the world needs the IHRE now more than ever.

Noah Seiler

Education and exposure are the antidotes to hate; the IHRE’s outreach to younger generations is important for an inclusive and peaceful future.

Jodi and Howard Rankin

We believe that it is important to remember the Holocaust and to educate future generations about its horrors, so that something like this never happens again. Knowing that every generation loses a little, the mission of IHRE to teach and inform can keep the #neveragain motto on the forefront.

Carolyn and Professor Daniel Kleinberger

IHRE combines an extraordinary understanding of antisemitism with a driving purpose to use media and formats that actually catch the attention of the internet generations.

David Stillman

The phrase “history is the best indicator of the future” reflects the idea that studying past events can provide insights into potential future outcomes. Supporting IHRE’s work is critical in the fight against antisemitism as we owe it to ourselves and our future to not forget the past.

David J. Weiner Foundation

We strongly believe in and support IHRE’s mission and value the work they are committed to doing for our youth and future generations. Truth, education, knowledge, and facts are powerful tools in the real fight that Never Again means Never Again.
"You can't erase history"

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